Leaving on a Jet Plane - REMIX

A Remix by Electrancy (Cover by Dave Thomas)

Electrancy begins. This is first and possibly one of the most important songs remixed by Electrancy. It marks his first attempt to create this type of remix, taking two evenings to complete. The first evening was spent creating a tempo map to compose the drums and the second evening was spent composing the bass and ambient tracks. Sound effects were also added toward the end, allowing the vocals and guitar solo to better blend with the rest of the composition. The guitar and vocal solo featured in this remix was performed and recorded by the amazing Dave Thomas, who was kind enough to provide his acoustic cover as a soundtrack for this remix.

About Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas has been producing and publishing YouTube videos for 3 years. He produces covers for a variety of famous songs both new and old, as well as producing some original songs of his own. You can check out more his work on his YouTube Channel.

Dave Thomas

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