About the Music

It all starts with you.

Suppose you or somebody you know has finished recording a basic vocal solo on the guitar. You know it has potential, but it's just not getting the attention it deserves. What next? 

Meet Electrancy, an amateur music composer ready to turn that basic melody into a hit. He'll add an awesome beat, a groovy bass, a calming ambience, and some audio-enhancing sound effects to top it all off. Along with the recent launch of this website, he's made it his personal goal to make a hit of every song he works on. And he's just getting started. 

If you're a musician or you know one that might want a remix, then drop a line.

The story so far.

Everything started when Electrancy reached out to Dave Thomas, requesting to remix his work and giving him the rights to own the result. Dave Thomas gladly accepted when he heard the first remix that was made, he was so thrilled that he offered to publish it on YouTube. The remix is based on a popular song originally created by John Denver, called Leaving on a Jet Plane. You can learn more about the remix here.

Every day, Electrancy is discovering new artists with remix potential. The music artists Baystation2 and Yejuniverse have provided Electrancy the use of their own original music broadcasted over the Twitch platform. The latest remixes are titled "Easy" and "Over the Moon." The full tracks for both songs can be heard in the tracks section above.

More recently, Electrancy has started creating music videos for YouTube - staring with Secret Visual Art Technology (S-VAT).

About the Animation

Cellular what?

As a side project, Electrancy also produces computer animation that is generated from cellular automata. Traditionally, this means something that looks a lot closer to Pong and a lot less like Frozen, but it doesn't have to be that way. In the nearby future, the art industry has the potential to be completely revolutionized by this technology.

So what makes this technology so special? When starting this animation project, the animations didn't look much different than Pong. One year later, taking that same engine and modifying only a single line of code, resulted in this:


5/16/2022 - "Secret Visual Art Technology (S-VAT)" - An original music video by Electrancy has been published to YouTube. You can check out the video here:

3/20/2022 - "Just Play" has been further enhanced and remastered in a version 2.0.

3/7/2022 - "Just Play" has been enhanced and remastered.

2/8/2022 - First milestone completed. Electrancy composes music for streamers Ottinho93, sinful_dragon, and churobooo.

1/26/2022 - Electrancy starts composes original songs.

1/21/2022 - Electrancy speaks as a guest on Dillon Street Boy's Swamp Talk podcast

1/14/2022 - "Just Play" - An original song by Electrancy (featuring Steven Myles) is now available in the tracks section.

12/17/2012 - Added animation section to the site.

11/1/2021 - "Over the Moon" - An original song by Yejuniverse (remixed by Electrancy) is now available in the tracks section. 

10/23/2021 - "Easy" - An original song by Baystation2 (remixed by Electrancy) is now available in the tracks section. 

10/10/2021 - "Leaving on  a Jet Plane" -  A cover song by 
Dave Thomas (remixed by Electrancy) has published to YouTube.

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